Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oracle Apps: Some of the important Join conditions between Orac...

Oracle Apps: Some of the important Join conditions between Orac...: GL AND AP     GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS    AP_INVOICES_ALL code_combination_id = acct_pay_code_combination_id GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS    AP_INVOIC...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Listening Devotional Songs Heals .

Now a Days , I am listening a lot of devotional Songs.
I have found that these songs or Bhajans are best way to get relieved of tension.
As i am living alone ,it helps me to fight loneliness.

Links to some of the songs/Bhajans i liked are listed :

(Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram )

( Achyutam Keshavam )

(Vaishnav Jana to -- Lata Mangeshkar)

(O Paalanhare - Lata Mangeshkar)

There are many many more...
Take my words, these really helps in cooling your tensed nerves.

Keeping smiling

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Useful articles in Metalink

1. Inventory Transactions

Note 110424.1 Unprocessed Transactions/Closing INV Accounting Period FAQ

Note 568012.1 FAQ: Inventory Standard Datafixes

Note 741477.1 FAQ: Transaction Flow

Note 298695.1 iTAR Template Help for Transactions

Note 143004.1 Inventory Close Period Notes - Uncosted or Pending Txns Diagnostic SQL Scripts

Note 404036.1 FAQ: Common Questions About Transfer to General Ledger (GL)

Note 406390.1 FAQ/HOWTO: Using Consigned Inventory

Note 417875.1 Serial number FAQ

Note 431479.1 Move order FAQ

Note 272154.1 FAQ: Sales Order Processing within Inventory

Note 299003.1 Purge FAQ: Which Inventory Purge Program Should be used to Purge Transaction

Note 427755.1 How to Setup and Use Dual Unit of Measure in Inventory Release 12

Note 282940.1 Move Orders Training Document

Note 461716.1 AX-INV Faq

-- Related Notes

Note 262979.1 Unprocessed Shipping Transactions Troubleshooting Guide

Note 404895.1 Common Pick Release Errors and Solutions

Note 112055.1 Lot/Serial Control Setups


Note 297992.1 Barcoding

@ Internal Site: TOI

Note 275915.1 MSCA / WMS Function Keys - Describe Standard Mobile Key Mappings and What They Mean (F2/F3/F4/etc.)

Note 357535.1 Sample WMS Open Interface Insert Scripts / Examples howto Insert into Transaction Open Interface


Note 463444.1 Troubleshooting PLM

Note 416802.1 BOM FAQ Bills of Material / Engineering Labs

Note 416829.1 FAQ for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Advanced Product Catalog

Note 414470.1 How To Determine the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Patchset and Rollup Patch Version

Note 226727.1 Implementing Engineering Change Orders (ECO)

Note 131136.1 Bill of Materials Current Issues: EXPL - BOM Explosion Process

Note 351955.1 Mass Change Logic FAQ: Logic of Mass Change Rules for Update, New, Add / Revisions


@Note 133419.1 Physical Inventory (PI) Troubleshooting

Note 458582.1 Physical Inventory ITAR Template

Note 374864.1 How Physical Inventory Works

Note 246934.1 Understanding Physical Inventory

Note 398714.1 Physical Inventory Information Diagnostic Test

Note 398715.1 Dump of Physical Inventory Diagnostic Test

Note 398712.1 PI tags without onhand Diagnostic Test

Note 398713.1 PI tags SubLoc mismatch Diagnostic Test

Oracle® Inventory User’s Guide Release 11i Part No. A83507-09 February 2005


Note 109665.1 Organization Setup FAQ

Note 268968.1 Understanding Item Import & Debugging problems with item


Note 296559.1 Tracing FAQ: Common Tracing Techniques
within the Oracle Applications 11i

Note 417193.1 ODM FAQ: Oracle Diagnostic Methodology (ODM)

Note 312789.1 What is Oracle Diagnostic Methodology (ODM)?

Note 72450.1 Inventory White Paper List

Note 731190.1 Tom's Handy SQL for the Oracle Applications

<Note 286755.1 > Supply/Demand FAQ

7. Labs

Note 751577.1 How to Create an Internal Requisition
Between Two Operating Units in R12

Note 753741.1 Oracle Inventory Basic Setup Labs E-Business Suite R12

Note 752845.1 Bills of Material / Engineering Labs Release 12

Note 788726.1
Test Case Repository


Note 731190.1 - Tom's Handy SQL for the Oracle Applications

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